Usenet, the original social media!

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Usenet, the original social media!

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Pre-dating the Internet at 41 years old, the Usenet is the original
social network for information sharing. From the 1970s to 2021, Usenet
has been the original peer-to-peer, decentralized messaging and
discussion protocol. It is the original social network, being decades
more august than centralized services like Facebook and Twitter.

Thousands of Usenet servers remain in worldwide operation. Usenet
continues to be used for exchanging anonymous messages via anonymous
remailers. Pseudonymous users may engage in threaded, public discussions
in both moderated and unmoderated channels.

There are tens of thousands of groups (channels) on Usenet. Dozens of
them are still actively used daily. These groups are quickly mirrored by
many servers in many countries, creating a resilient and fault-tolerant
decentralized store of messages.

Whether you need to communicate anonymously or avoid censorship --
Usenet still gets the job done.

In 2021 SUSE pushed to re-convene the Big 8 governance board of the
moderated Usenet hierarchies. The board had previously disbanded itself
but is now being called back together to preserve and manage the Big 8
Usenet hierarchies.

Not only has this antique social network not died, it is still the most
useful medium for circumventing censorship, and activists are working to
restore it to prominent knowledge once again.

Usenet has no javascript, cookies, tracking code, sponsored ads or
algorithms to monetize your data. It provides what you need to
communicate and cooperate and nothing you don't need.

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